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We are an internationally-based digital media company committed to generating leads for your company

Social Media Marketing

From strategy and implementation to daily management, our experienced team will handle your company’s digital presence professionally.

Social Reputation Management

We offer tools and software to track and manage online comments about your company 24X7 around the globe. This data is used to refine your sales strategy.


We see our company as a digital call centre, responding to requests which come through on social media and assist customers with pricing, where to buy a product or monitor complaints.

Social Media Advertising

From targeted Facebook Ads to remarketing, using Google Ads, we have years of experience and numerous success stories of how we have helped clients target grow their business.

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We provide a range of digital media services covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, QRCodes, content creation and management. We complement traditional services of PR and media relations with these social media online marketing services. Our social media clients include large retail customers and automotive brands as well as IT and financial services companies. Our focus is to create and develop social media campaigns to generate leads, enhance brand awareness and provide measureable ROI.

We are concerned about the number of social media “experts” and “strategists” who seem to think that social media is the answer to every marketing challenge. They appear to know very little about social media, charge exorbitant fees and produce mediocre results. These people are giving social media a bad name. It is proven that an effective marketing campaign requires a mix of traditional and social media activities.

Facebook users equate to 1.8 billion worldwide with 13 million in South Africa

Twitter users in South Africa equate to 7.4 million users

Survey's we've conducted show that Facebook is currently the most powerful and most used platform

Some companies we are privileged to be working with: