Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO isn’t something you do once, it takes constant tweaking and

measuring to improve and retain rankings over time. With a retainer, we’ll stay on top of how

your competitors are performing in relation to your rankings and make any necessary

technical and content changes to your website that will help improve your position.

Google changes its ranking algorithm regularly so we keep on top of what’s new. The

retainer allows us the time to regularly review your website to make sure none of Google’s

changes will impact your rankings and if it does, refine the approach as needed.

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Free Audits

Contact us for a free SEO audit report for your company to see where your company might need to improve or where we can assist your company to get the organic traffic that converts into leads

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On Page Optimisation

Based on the audit, we’ll execute any necessary changes to your site which may include things like content edits, changing the title and meta description, updating your robots.txt and


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Link Building

This is where we engage with people to receive links. The goal is to get high quality vs. high volume links as Google penalizes sites that have too many low quality links.

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On Page Error Fixing

This is where we assess the website for duplicate content, meta tagging, low-quality content, sitemaps and the robots.txt file which all gets linked into Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics


CharlesSmithAssociates/Sha-Izwe is an inbound marketing agency focussing on PR media relations and social media marketing, established in 1987 based in Johannesburg.

Our core business covers writing press releases, media coverage, social media, product launches, events, financial reporting, press release placement, BEE announcements, financial relations, celebrity endorsements, identifying and liaising with brand ambassadors, investor relations, corporate and internal communications, crisis control, public affairs, CSI, change management and company branding. We also provide TV, radio and print media training. The industries we address include ICT; healthcare; environmental; automotive; mining; government; retail; music; manufacturing; and the financial sectors.

Our aim is to provide focused, results-driven print, radio and TV media coverage. To achieve this, we work closely with customers to develop strategies tailored to their needs. We have long-term relationships with journalists which we believe has contributed to our successful track record.

Our staff work closely with over 150 different publications covering television, radio, print and online media. Our results are guaranteed, based on pre-determined targets such as the volume of monthly media coverage. We focus strongly on deliverables and ROI.

The face of marketing has changed over the years with more options now available to marketers. While Radio, TV and Print remain important channels for marketing, online news services as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, QR Codes and Foursquare provide additional options for marketing.

PR is the poor cousin of marketing. Why? Because anyone who can write a few words in “English” can start a PR business. Talk to established journalists and they will relate at least one horrifying story of how a PR “professional” has destroyed a brand with badly-written and mis-directed press releases. After the first few weeks journalists will not touch that brand’s press releases.

We have, for over 30 years, written and issued press releases in a professional manner, providing accurate, appropriate and newsworthy information, targeted at the correct press.

Another of our key services is search engine optimisition (SEO). Google’s new SEO rules disqualify many traditional SEO techniques that many so-called “SEO experts” still use. We address these new rules relating to website SEO rating. We have assisted a number of customers to “un-do” Google’s negative SEO rating within their website.

We complement our traditional services of PR and media relations with a range of social media online marketing services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, QR Codes, Tumblr and Foursquare. Our social media clients include large retail customers and automotive brands as well as IT and financial services companies.

In the area of social media, we support Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, QR Codes and FourSquare, amongst others. We create and develop social media campaigns to create leads and enhance brand awareness as well as provide training.

We are concerned about the number of social media “experts” and “strategists” who seem to think that social media is the answer to every marketing challenge. They appear to know very little about social media, charge exorbitant fees and produce mediocre results and are giving social media a bad name. It is proven that an effective marketing campaign requires a mix of traditional and social media activities linking social media with traditional media.

Our advertising services cover print, radio, TV, online and social media. As a media relations business, we still believe strongly in the importance of both mass and targeted advertising. It is important that marketing campaigns are cost-effective and reach the required audience at least cost. Unfortunately, print adverts do not always achieve this. Fortunately, many publications now have online news sites where cost-effective adverts can be placed.

Where necessary, we do advertising, competitions and promotions on social media platforms such as Facebook and photographs and videos on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

We have a team of web developers who are fully up to date with Google’s new SEO rules. Website ratings are now being downgraded by Google as a result of these new rules. These problems can only be resolved by rewriting sections of websites.

CSA has experience in event coordination, covering both indoor and outdoor events. This includes product launches, press conferences and entertainment.


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