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We help brands grow

For over 30 years we have assisted companies to grow and develop their brands through public relations and now strategic digital marketing.

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Increased Brand Exposure

Through our experience with public relations we will build your brand name in the media and online through social media.

Increased Enquiries & Leads

Using our unique sales funnels and a mix of SEO, Facebook and Google Ads to target your target market to generate enquiries.

Increased Client Revenue

Our goal through all our marketing efforts is to focus on what will generate income which will increase bottomline ensuring viable outcomes.


Honesty & Integrity

We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, honesty and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent in communicating with the public and the media.



We continually strive to acquire and responsibly use specialised knowledge and experience. We advance our profession through continued development, research and education.



We follow market trends to determine how clients can benefit from new technology innovations and assist clients in improving brand awareness to gain additional business

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Digital Marketing, Public Relations & Digital Media Services

Our clients benefit from print, online, radio and TV coverage – and digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

For over 30 years we have specialised in developing brands

Media & Public Relations

Public Relations

Our PR (Public Relations) services target print, online, radio & TV media. We regularly work with the financial, mining, automotive, educational, environmental & technical Press. The press releases we write are concise & newsworthy. Poorly written press releases will damage your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Our digital advertising service for Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter & LinkedIn includes content creation, remarketing to website visitors, clicks-to-website and boosted posts. We use different methods to generate enquiries that can be turned into increased business.


Google Ads

As Google Partners, we use targeted Google advertising to generate enquiries. With years of experience, we ensure that digital advertising is cost-effective and will generates qualified enquiries. Google Ads are not always the best solution. The first step is to analyse our clients’ needs.

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Website Maintenance

A secure, fast & regularly updated website reflects well on your brand and improves Google’s SEO ranking. Our goal is to have our clients listed on the first page in Google searches, resulting in qualified enquiries. Monitoring security and speed is crucial to this.

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We have a team of SEO experts that have a unique white hat strategy to rank your website on Google. Our website audits provide an insight into data intelligence. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services provide customers with better quality leads. 

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Video Marketing

Short-videos are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. A Low-cost 30-second video can generate a significant traffic to your website, generating leads and more business. YouTube and Facebook video are dominating the digital space.

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Content Marketing

Our writers are experienced in creating quality, well-written press releases which can be used as digital content to complement your brand message across all digital platforms to generate leads and improve SEO.

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Financial Reporting

Our services include financial PR relating to JSE listings and SENS announcements, as well as quarterly, half-year and year-end reporting as well as general financial reporting.

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Online Reputation Management

We are able to track competitor online activity and follow online comments and trends relating to your brand. This helps develop brand messaging to provide insight into targeting prospective customers.

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Our team of writers and digital analysts are:

Media Relations ServicesSocial Media Services

Online Advertising

Our clients trust us with placing & optimising over R300 000 in online advertising monthly

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Wordpress Optimisation

We are excited to launch our WordPress Optimisation product. Optimising for speed, security.

Why work with us?

Sha-Izwe has been building brands since 1987. We are a public relations and digital agency with the expertise to grow your company using proven methods. Our team is kept fully up to date with digital industry trends and have the expertise to provide solutions to energise your brand. Although marketing is constantly changing – content, including press releases (PR) and social media, are crucial for your website to improve SEO. It is crucial that all digital marketing integrates to your website to improve SEO and to generate enquiries. With over three decades of building brands, growth hacking, optimising SEO and managing campaigns, we deliver results. As a Google Partner and Facebook Blueprint agency, we have the expertise to fully implement digital campaigns to achieve measurable returns on investment. Placing expensive print adverts in the media is not always the most cost-effective option.
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The State of Digital Media

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The Importance of Owning Your Digital Real Estate

Last week I was part of a discussion where a new agency had taken over from another digital agency on a Facebook marketing project. The old agency took the client’s Facebook page hostage, kicked off all page admins and refused to hand the page over to the new agency...

Keeping your Advertising Agency Accountable

Nowadays it seems common practice for advertising agencies to not fully spend the amount that the client allocates to them for digital advertising. Advertising agencies have always made a 16.5% commission on placing print adverts. This does not apply to digital...